Marbella Wall
حائط ماربيلا

In a city heavily layered with advertising units, from outdoor billboards overlooking every street, to video adverts at every streetlight, to flyers being handed out at every intersection, it is no surprise that commercial branding has permeated every facet of life. In Cairo, less is definitely not more, and the sheer number of advertisements can often be overwhelming. Despite this, various brands – both local & international – have become an iconic part of Cairo’s imagery. These include brands we use at home, brands we see in the city’s streets, and of course brands we encounter when socialising.

“For 7000 years, Egyptians have successfully used walls as methods for communication and expression. Today, 7000 years later, walls can be found across the city for this exact same purpose. The question that must be asked is: how healthy, or unhealthy, is this phenomenon?” 

Project: Marbella Wall
Work: Digital Collage, 13m wall digital Printing
Exhibition: Connection Cairo
Gallery: Gyptian | At Arkan Plaza
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date: November 2019