Pages from the future.
.صفحات من المستقبل

The relationship between the past and the future is not as inverted as it might seem. The former may depend on the latter to accomplish what it initiated, complete it, or even change it completely! I’ve always witnessed the continuation of the past, without overlooking or under-appreciating the efforts of the predecessors, with the great conviction that the output is not to be limited to the time in which it was produced in.

Project: Pages from the future
Work: Mixed Media, Collage
Exhibition: CIAD - Art D’egypt
Gallery: Access Art Space
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date: October 2022

Gillll Magazine.
چيل موضعي

A personal digital sketchbook since quarantine, where i've felt the need to express more of my random thoughts and my feelings.
I've created this magazine to compile all of my artwork in one place. It helped a lot in relieving the stress and pressure caused by the tough times we are going through.

Project: Gillll Magazine Issue 0001
Work: Digital Collage, Printed Magazine
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date: 2020

Where is Al l’Abouk!
أين اللعبوك

A Delusion is a fixed belief that is not amenable to change in light of conflicting evidence. A distortion that occurs to the senses, and is classified as a misinterpretation of true feelings.

Project: Where is Al l’Abouk! - Part 01
Work: Digital Collage, Digital Printing 
Exhibition: Roznama 8
Gallery: Medrar
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date: March 2021

هدايا للأجيال القادمة

Project: Where is Al l’Abouk! - Part 02
Work: Mixed Media, Collage Art
Exhibition: Midnight 00:00
Gallery: L’Appart Cairo
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date: March 2021

“Culture Absorption Without a Straw ”
إمتصاص ثقافة من غير شاليموه

A visualised book aims to preview and criticises different aspects from
the Egyptian Contemporary Culture through a spontaneous artistic manner.
The visuals may look unrealistic, but when you dig deeper you will find them reflecting our realty.
*The book is 5 meters long.

Project: Culture Absorption Without a Straw
Work: Book, Digital Collage, Digital Printing 
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date: 2016

Marbella Wall.
حائط ماربيلا

“For 7000 years, Egyptians have successfully used walls as methods for communication and expression. Today, 7000 years later, walls can be found across the city for this exact same purpose. The question that must be asked is: how healthy, or unhealthy, is this phenomenon?”

Project: Marbella Wall
Work: Digital Collage, 13m wall digital Printing 
Exhibition: Connection Cairo
Gallery: Gyptian | At Arkan Plaza
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date: November 2019

Can you imagine if brands existed during the pharaonic era?

Project: Ancient Brands Posters
Work: Digital Art, Graphic design
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date: 2016

Make it right.
إعمل الصح

It’s amazing how much I learn from doodling! These drawings are part digital diary project as a way of expressing random thoughts and experimenting with new techniques. I love the idea of taking this one step further to combine my doodles with some nonsense situations and somehow make it hold together.

Project: Digital diary 
Work: Digital Art, Graphic design, Illustration 
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date: 2022